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    Leverage Our Reports to Secure Funding

    Generate certified reports that validate your business’s green status, making it more appealing to investors, lenders, and offering enhanced social and financial support.
    • Investments
      Cater to the growing number of socially responsible investors who prioritise companies committed to sustainability.
    • Loans
      Access lower interest rates and ESG-related loans by showcasing your dedication to sustainability.
    • Governmental support
      Benefit from government-backed grants, schemes, and tax allowances designed for companies on the path to Net Zero.
    • New contracts
      Stand out as a trustworthy, green company and win more contracts in an increasingly eco-conscious market.
    Leverage Our Reports to Secure Funding

    Fewton — Your Gateway to Becoming a Green Company

    Embark on your journey towards sustainable funding by using our easy-to-use calculator to estimate your CO2 emissions and receive your initial recommendations.

    Calculate emissions

    Assess what the transition to environmental standards will give you in your country

    European Union
    United States
    In the United States businesses that implement sustainable practices can receive government tax incentives and participate in grant programs. Companies that meet specific environmental criteria can benefit from reduced tax rates on dividends and capital gains. Moreover, numerous ESG funds offer a variety of green subsidy schemes to encourage sustainable business practices.
    European Union
    In December 2019 European Commission launched the European Green Deal, an initiative designed to accelerate the transition to a greener economy. The EU has committed to provide financial support and technical assistance to businesses deeply engaged in a sustainable agenda. Responsible companies will receive institutional support, including subsidies and inclusion in R&D programs. Furthermore, implementing green innovation projects will lead to reduced costs, improved capacity to capture new opportunities and an enhanced reputation among customers.
    Canada’s transition to a low-carbon economy and net-zero emissions by 2050 is poised to deliver significant financial benefits to the private sector. The Federal Government of Canada offers various funding and incentive programs to promote businesses with ESG and climate change goals. Companies engaged in protecting or conserving the environment and investing in specific clean energy projects can apply for tax relief programs and access various grants and contributions.
    United Kingdom
    In the UK there are several funding and tax relief schemes for companies with high environmental performance. Government provides grants and tax benefits to encourage businesses to undertake innovative projects aimed at reducing their environmental impact, local authorities offer funding options for companies committed to becoming more sustainable. Additionally, many major UK banks extend green loans to support investments in green technologies to increase energy efficiency or reduce carbon emissions.
    The Australian government has launched a range of initiatives with the goal of promoting environmentally friendly practices. Various support measures are available to assist businesses in funding energy-efficient projects, including co-financing packages, loans, tax incentives and innovative financial solutions. Specifically, there are government grants in Australia tailored to support small businesses in their efforts to reduce environmental impact and implement sustainable processes.
    Minimise Your Carbon Footprint and Grow Your Business with Fewton

    Minimise Your Carbon Footprint and Grow Your Business with Fewton

    Our solution aims to support your business in becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly by evaluating your carbon footprint and delivering insightful reports. Make strategic decisions, display your dedication to the planet and earn your customers’ trust


    Fewton: A Catalyst for Business Growth and Environmental Improvement

    Fewton: A Catalyst for Business Growth and Environmental Improvement

    Measure & Monitor Emissions

    Gain insights into your company’s carbon footprint and take intelligent moves towards sustainability

    • Carbon Accounting
      Assess GHG emissions linked to your company’s activities, supply chain, and employees to identify areas with the most significant environmental and financial impact.
    • Dashboard
      Keep track of your company’s sustainability progress, financial effects, employee engagement, environmental contributions, and relevant news in real-time with our comprehensive dashboard.

    Reduce & Optimise Emissions

    Set your sustainable goals and minimise emissions with the support of our comprehensive tools and partners

    • Plan
      Utilise our planning tool to develop, monitor, and assess carbon reduction strategies, ensuring accountability and commitment to your sustainability objectives.
    • Learn & Educate
      Access the range of educational materials designed to help you and your employees make responsible decisions and foster a company culture that values sustainability.
    • Reduce
      Leverage our solution and partners’ expertise to identify the most effective ways to manage impact, reduce costs, and reap the benefits of sustainable practices.
    Reduce & Optimise Emissions
    Share & Showcase Your Positive Impact

    Share & Showcase Your Positive Impact

    Highlight your company’s commitment to sustainability and strengthen your brand image

    • Reports
      Issue carbon & energy reports that showcase your progress, reassuring potential investors, banks, insurers, and stakeholders of your business’s dedication to long-term sustainability.
    • Marketing
      Enhance your brand’s visibility with a verified company profile that confirms your green status. Integrate it into your corporate website and social media platforms to boost customer loyalty and attract new clients.

    Voluntary Offset Marketplace

    While achieving Net Zero may be challenging, you can still make a difference by purchasing vetted carbon credits from our global network of project partners. Offset your emissions and align with your company’s values and climate goals.

    Buy Carbon Credits
    Voluntary Offset Marketplace

    The path to NET ZERO can be your new advantage

    Lower cost
    Effective improvement can increase operating profit
    Price tag
    of millennials are willing to turn down a job if the company doesn’t have strong corporate responsibility
    Increase in climate investments
    may increase overall sales revenue through: Corporate Responsibility Practices.

    Frequently asked questions

    What exactly is a Carbon Footprint?

    A Carbon Footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are generated by an individual or organization’s activities, including both direct and indirect emissions.

    How can I get started with Fewton’s software?

    Sign up for a free trial on our website. Our team will provide onboarding materials and support to help measure and reduce carbon emissions.

    Do you guys cover all Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions?

    Yes, Fewton’s software covers all three scopes of emissions. Our carbon accounting feature allows businesses to measure their emissions from various sources, including direct emissions (Scope 1), indirect emissions from energy consumption (Scope 2), and indirect emissions from the value chain (Scope 3).

    Do you guys help with setting up the processes?

    Yes, Fewton provides a comprehensive platform for measuring and reducing carbon emissions. Our team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process, helping businesses set up and optimize their carbon reduction processes.

    Why do businesses choose to partner with Fewton?

    Businesses choose to partner with Fewton because our software provides a comprehensive platform for measuring and reducing carbon emissions. Our software is tailored to the needs of SMEs and is designed to be user-friendly and accessible.

    Is a dedicated team or CSO required to measure and monitor emissions?

    No, a dedicated team or CSO is not required to measure and monitor emissions when using Fewton’s software. Our software is designed to be accessible and user-friendly, and our team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

    How are emissions measured with Fewton’s software?

    Emissions are measured with Fewton’s software using a variety of methods, including data collection, analysis, and reporting. Our carbon accounting feature allows businesses to measure their emissions from various sources and identify areas for improvement.

    Can Fewton assist me in developing an effective plan to reduce my carbon footprint?

    Yes, Fewton can assist you in creating a customized plan to efficiently reduce your carbon footprint. Our software provides a range of tools and resources that can help you identify and track opportunities for reducing your carbon emissions. Additionally, our team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process.

    How accurate are the emission measurements with Fewton’s software?

    Our software provides accurate emission measurements by using reliable data sources and advanced data analysis techniques. Additionally, our team is available to provide guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that emissions are accurately measured and reported.

    How can I become a partner of Fewton?

    If you’re interested in becoming a partner with Fewton, please fill out the contact form on our website and indicate your interest in partnership opportunities. Our team will review your message and get in touch with you to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

    I am an independent consultant. How can I work with Fewton?

    Join us as a partner and help SMEs reduce their carbon footprint with Fewton’s software. We’re always looking for talented professionals to spread the word and make a difference for the environment. Fill out our contact form on the website to learn more.

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